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Made in Japan eco-boots lineup jointly developed by influencers and rubber manufacturer "Shibata Kogyo" in Minneapolis, Hyogo Prefecture.
Since 1923, as a rubber manufacturer, we have been developing and providing products that are useful for "safety, disaster prevention, and the environment."
Everything from the material to sewing is produced by our company. We have been good at specialized boots used by the self-defense force, firefighters, and special workers.
A new lineup that incorporates the flow and fashion sense of influencers in the Shibata industry.
Made-in-Japan products that are unique and made by one person. Japanese occupational skills and Shibata industry have cultivated for about 100 years
Eco boots that are safe and safe.

Features of eco boots

Point1. Fashionable design that can be worn as rain boots in the city

Throughout the year, there are unexpectedly many rainy days such as the rainy season and autumn rain.
"Rain boots" are very useful in such cases. There are plenty of stylish designs that don't look like rain boots.
With its high functionality and fashion, it is an item that will lift your mood even on rainy days or everyday wear, so you can wear it fashionably.

Point2. Easy to use and convenient

Issues such as "the luggage is bulky", "there is no size for women's boots / boots", and "even if you buy it, you cannot usually use it"
To solve the problem, it is durable but easy to fold and has excellent flexibility.

Point3. Reliable strength in the event of a disaster

Disaster prevention boots that are effective in the event of a disaster.
Rubber boots with a stepping prevention plate on the sole, which is effective for disaster volunteer activities.
Lightweight and soft, it has a fashionable design that can be worn as rain boots in the city.
A completely new type of rubber boots that can be used for disaster volunteer activities and street wear with just one pair.

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