Said to be the most popular in the Co-Creation business
While reflecting the real opinions of influencers in their teens and twenties
Develop products and services with companies through dialogue,
Development and design of products and services that "explicitize" the "implicit knowledge" hidden in consumers,
produce a service.
At the same time, it is possible to promote information dissemination that meets the needs of the market.
Connecting companies and markets, leading users and professionals
Co-creation is the Co-Creation business.

Co-Creation basic concept

Nowadays, the era when consumer behavior is required to solve problems and was called "B to C" has passed, and from now on, "BC to C" so-called companies and consumers will work together to develop products and services. We will develop and even socialize.
<General influencer marketing>
Ask influencers for the information that the company wants to send, and send it
<Influencer marketing proposed this time>
Among them, while reflecting the real opinions of influencers in their teens to 20s, who are said to be the most fashionable in this project, we develop products and services through conversation with companies and hide in consumers. We create products, designs, and services that "explicit knowledge" is "explicit knowledge."
In addition, it is important how modern purchasing behavior creates "empathy." There are two sympathies in that "empathy", and when replaced with information, the first is the general sympathy of "What context", the so-called sympathy of seeing a photograph, and then it is recognized. Next, it is said that there is a flow of sympathizing with who in the "Who context" is sending the information, taking the action of searching the WEB, purchasing, and spreading. We provide product development, information dissemination, and sales support that incorporates such information dissemination.


Together with companies, we will continue to hold meetings to find directions by exchanging opinions, such as whether to disseminate information and develop products, with the sensibility that only influencers have, while forming a team and enhancing each other.

Visual shooting

Information on developed products such as WEB and SNS
We will shoot high quality key visuals for delivery.

Sales support

We also provide sales support for the developed products.
By publicizing at various places such as events and exhibitions, and by the influencers themselves providing sales support for the goodness of the developed products, we will be responsible for the connection between companies.

Key achievements

  • World Co., Ltd.
  • Shibata Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Yabu City
  • Kyotango City
  • EDWIN Co., Ltd.
  • Konoike Construction Co., Ltd.
  • MARK STYLER Co., Ltd. (Partnership)
  • Tajima Shinkin Bank (partnership)
  • Shinki Bus Tours Co., Ltd. (Partnership)

And many others

  • Tokyo and Deloitte Tohmatsu Group

    Acceleration program start-up support business certification

  • SME Infrastructure Development Organization Certified Business
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certified business

Co-Creation business example introduction

[Hattori Co., Ltd.]
[Masaaki Kiwada Store Business Co., Ltd.]
[Morijin store business]
[Shibata Industry Co., Ltd. Business]
[Hamada Business Co., Ltd.]